Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Opening May 6th by director Kenneth Branaugh THOR!!!!
I have been waiting for this a very long time - Love Viking Mythology and Doublely LOVE Kenneth
Oh my that man can direct me any time!! His eyes are so dreamy and his talent is insurpassable!!!!!


  1. Going Friday with Grand-daugther- I just wish he was in it too- there is such soul behind those blue eyes and That voice just melts me. Can't even read through a shakepeare play (for the last 15yrs.) without hearing his voice in my head. G-Daugh.- Kayla adores him and she's only 7 1/2. (the only kid in her school who knows who Henry V was/is)

  2. Kenneth has created a masterpiece indeed!!!! The special effects were stunningly spectacular as was Miss Natalie Portman. Sir Anthony Hopkins was perfectly suited to play Odin. And Thor caused a literal hormonal flood in the theater when he went shirtless in low cut jeans- it almost sounded like a Garfield cartoonn when all the charactors go "OOOOOOOH" all at the same time. Kenneth you have a keeper here- I could watch it a dozen more times.