Saturday, April 5, 2014

I know I have not been around the page since NaNo and the holidays but I have been quite busy. First I was overseeing my granddaughter (8) as she experienced her first on stage appearance in the world premier production of a locally written play called "Pan". This was not your typical Peter Pan story, for which I designed Tinkerbelle's costume. Then I was involved with the costume design of our current production of Macbeth as well as performing in it, small part. I have also been, writing wise, busy working on my latest novel and a Web Series based on one of my short stories.  In addition to all that I have a starring role in a local student film and preparing Granddaughter for her next role in a local production of OZ. So Followers I am not only still on the planet, I am all over it. see every one soon I hope.