Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's National Novel Writing Month!!
Otherwise referred to as NaNoWriMo!

So I will be on a month long vacation in 6th century Scotland! see ya'll when I get back!

maybe I'll send out a post card or two.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The American Pledge

For months we have been seeing posts on Facebook and all the other social media sites (for years overall) about the topic of removing the word “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. My question is, why? Because not all the people don’t believe in the Americanized Christian persona of “God”?  Before I get into a rant let me state a few basic facts.

1.       Who can name one of the most predominate reasons for British/European Migration to the “New World”? Anyone? Religious Freedom! That’s right people of the US, Religious Freedom. The ability to worship as one pleases without threat of persecution or government intervention.   Remember? Isn’t that why the Pilgrims (Puritans) risked life and limb to cross the Atlantic during hurricane season? Apparently everyone has forgotten that little tid-bit of information.

2.       Fact number two- Do to the above statistic, there are a multitude of offshoot, shall we say, philosophies, that fall under the umbrella of Christianity. Each one, essentially, claiming to be “God’s chosen people”.  The “God” referred to in the Pledge, who’s “God” is he/she? The Catholic’s, the Baptist’s, Presbyterian’s? And in step with that fact consider this;  he/she is also the very same “God” referred to in both the Jewish and Islamic faiths. Yes, they all retrospectively, worship the same “God”. (When I say Islam, I don't mean the fanatical version of the terrorist's world, I mean the every day ordinary people who worship quietly along side the rest of us.)  They may each have a different perspective of traditions and even an alternate view of who or what Jesus was, if one at all, but they all share the same roots.

3.       There are also people, American Citizens, who believe in other forms of “God”.  Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, the Native American belief system, Taoist, Humanist, Baha’i, to name a few. Are these people all any less American than the rest?

4.       And then we come to the Atheists. The “I don’t believe in anything” people. Well, I hate to tell you all but that concept is not completely true. You do believe in something. Yes, you do. If you sit and think about it real hard. I’ll bet you believe in your own self-worth, your social values , work ethics and morals. Those things by the way are influenced by the whole of society which in turn is influenced by all of the above belief systems.

So here’s what I propose, and those who are trying to deprive this country of , by  attempting to corrupt, one of its most valued freedoms LISTEN UP.

 Instead of trying to force “God”, in any form, out of the Pledge why not make a small subtle change? Add four simple letters- A-L-L and S. The line in question would read as follows;

“One nation under ALL GodS, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL.”

 no matter what we believe spiritually we are above all AMERICANS

Just my opinion- we do still have that right, I believe.




Monday, September 2, 2013

The Edge of Sanity

EpisodeOne-The Patients Arrive-

A new interactive web series by Theatrics LLC
I play Annette Green AKA Agent Wallace of the Intergalactic Security agency. (suffers from conspiracy theory delusions) locked away from her partner Dr. Watt, whom no one else can see, and their space travel machine, she has only her wits and her special protective hat and glasses to help her survive the brainwashing of the Alien who runs the hospital- Dr. Damian Thorne.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Richard Armitage!!!!

 Though he may not even see it here is my birthday message for Richard!!!

Dear Mr. Armitage,
I know that for the next few days you will be inundated with well wishes from the thousands (maybe millions)of fans that make up your Armitage Army, and I must confess I am one of them. Your talent inspires me but also you ability to remain humble and sincere toward all your fans.
I want to thank you for sharing your talent with the world but also for showing the world that all "Stars" do not shine only for themselves (and their pockets) and approach their followers as human beings who deserve respect. You treat your fans as you wish to be treated and that Mr. Armitage is what make them all love you to the ends of the earth.
I am a actress(mostly Shakespeare) as well as a writer and though I have not reached your high level of notoriety I do have a few fans down here in the sub-basement of microcelebrity.  Yes, I blush when someone says well done and smile kindly when signing a book or what have you but every once in a while you come across someone in the audience/ autograph line/ etc, that you would just love to slap. When that happens I think of you, how would Richard handle this. There are several "Stars" I know of who would not be friendly at all.  Your example is much appreciated by all and a great lesson for those  who share the gift of followers. If they gave out Oscars for Kindness you'd bring it home.
Thank you for your talent and your humble heart and Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Help save our jobs!!!!

The NC Film Incentives SUNSET petition is designed to focus our message directly toward the threats facing our current Film Incentive Program today. When we started, we simply wanted to tell people how our current Film Incentive Program was working to bring jobs and revenue to North Carolina. It was one of the most successful petitions of its kind and people across America are listening!
But some lawmakers don't understand our industry. They say the jobs created by the movie industry aren't real. That you don't contribute to North Carolina's economy. Even worse, they had been working quietly for some time to come up with HB 994, a nasty bit of proposed legislation that sent a chilling message to the filmed-entertainment industry. It said, "We don't understand your business and we'd like you to leave."

HB 994 would have killed our fledgling industry by making our Film Incentive credits non-refundable. But you came out and told your Representatives what you thought. You wrote letters, sent thousands to our petition and you staged rallies! You told lawmakers that WE DO MATTER! That OUR CLEAN, JOB-CREATING INDUSTRY IS REAL AND THAT WE'RE DRIVING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO AN ECONOMY THAT DESPERATELY NEEDS IT!


Although we helped to send HB 994 to die, the industry still has good reason to wonder where North Carolina stands on our Film Incentive Program. With a SCHEDULED SUNSET OF JANUARY 1, 2015, and talk of "reforms" and "incentive cuts" coming from Raleigh, it's no wonder everyone (including producers, who are actively looking for STABLE places to bring their projects) is eying our State nervously. NOW is the moment to reassure producers, studios and networks that North Carolina is in the filmed-entertainment business for the long-haul!

Our message is simple and we need YOUR VOICE to Make the North Carolina Film Incentive Program PERMANENT!!! Our goals?

- Build on the 14,000 jobs that were created in 2012
- Drive another half-a-billion dollars into the North Carolina economy
- Build further upon a stable base of incoming productions that will attract permanent businesses like studios, post-production houses, properties shops and the jobs they'll create to our State!



Thanks for everything you've done to help keep the film and TV business in North Carolina!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Rainy Monday Wake Up

What a way to wake up the senses on a rainy monday morning!!!

Oh Boy! I'm awake now!

And full of ENERGY! Yeah Baby!!!!! Richard Armitage!! post-Thorin
Photos by aapnewswire- no infringment intended just sharing!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Love hanging out down town Fayetteville

Quiet spring afternoon in downtown Fayetteville North Carolina- the City of Artisians- Beef O'Brady's had the best food- Rude Awakenig's coffee is the bomb and the Cameo Theater where you can order your popcorn with a bottle of wine or a beer. and this is only one block, there's lots more.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Farewell Annette RIP

Wow, I can't believe she's gone.
Annette Funicello was my childhood hero, Every day at 3o'clock I watched Mickey Mouse Club not to see Mickey or the cartoons but to watch Annette sing and dance. From age 4 to about ten I wanted to be just like her. My love of theater/acting came from her. Her talent was an experience all of its own no one was ever like her and as far as I'm concerned no one ever will. She opened the door to my dream and I will always remember her for that. It was also very cool to grow up knowing you shared your name with such a star- her middle name is my first name.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lily Bophin? Cool!

http://hobbit.namegeneratorfun.com"> src="http://www.namegeneratorfun.com/images/hobbit_names.gif" border="0" width="200" height="200" align="right" alt="Get your own hobbit name from the hobbit name generator!" title="Get your own hobbit name from the hobbit name generator!" />My">http://hobbit.namegeneratorfun.com/F/joann/mason">My hobbit name is Lily Bophîn

Your surname, Bophîn, is from: The Westron form of Boffin.
You share your first name with this hobbit: Lily (née Baggins) Goodbody:
      Lily (née Brown) Cotton:
Get">http://hobbit.namegeneratorfun.com">Get your own hobbit name from the hobbit name generator!

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 15-16 2013 I participated in the 24 hour Theater Project at Fayetteville State University as a writer- that means in the allow 5 hour time period I had to come up with an idea and write a play that would lat about 10 minutes. Sounds simple right? WRONG! It wasn't easy but I managed to get mine finished in 4 hours, staying up most of the night. As the organizers read through the plays I managed to get a small nap, about an hour. Then it was the team of the director and actors' turn to produce it- this is what they envisioned from my words. This play also took the top award (affectionately called the Tony) for best written play-


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Richard and Tom

Two of the Most Yummalious Gentlemen on the Planet

A few interesting facts brought up by a fellow blogger on Tumblr. fauxfrigga:

1.     Interesting Parallels (and differences) between Richard Armitage and Tom Hiddleston (I mention the names in alphabetical order, so nobody takes offence).

RA: 41yrs. of age (will be 42 in 2013)
TH: 31 yrs. of age (will be 32 in 2013)
Richard hit the international stage playing THorin in The Hobbit, which is a “prequel” to the LOrd of the Rings (close enough).
Tom hit the international stage playing LOki in THor.
RA’s best-known character, Thorin, is a flawed hero, conflicted and deep.
TH’s best-known character, Loki, is a flawed villain, conflicted and deep.
They are both very tall, difference in height is less than 2 cm (RA is a little bit taller).
They both have exceptionally and indecently long legs.
They both have beautiful, long-fingered hands.
They both have a quirky and elegant sense of dress.
The films that made them household names internationally were both released 2012.
They both have eargasm-inducing voices and have done a lot of voice-work.
They both have eyes of such colour and brilliance….it defies description.
Interviewers and colleagues describe both as gentlemen.
Their fandoms don’t seem to fit a particular demographic. As far as I can tell, the ages range from 8 to 88. A vast majority female!
They have been made into action figures (or rather their characters). Richard more than once.
During interviews, they give eloquent and intelligent answers and treat their interviewer with utmost respect.
They are well read.
They flirt with female interviewers, Tom more directly than Richard (at least, that is my personal impression).
They sing beautifully. There is ample proof of RA’s ability on The Hobbit, the only time I’ve heard Tom singing has been on interviews. Tom can rap, don’t know if Richard can. :-)
The have ridiculously long eyelashes.
They both have kept props from the films that kicked off their international career.
They both have AN ARMY!!
They have both played soldiers in several films (as far as I know, always a doomed character).
They are proficient in stage sword fighting.
When explaining the characters they play, one can tell how much they invest emotionally.
They have both played a prince and/or a king. (or a lord)
They have both played characters which were jaw-droppingly clad in leather. :-)
They have both played in the BBC Series “Casualty” Richard in the episode “Playing with Fire” and Tom in the episode “The Killing Floor”.
Both can dance, or have specific dance skills. Richard does the Tango and Tom dances Flamenco. Tom has also trained in capoeira, a wonderful martial-arts/dance from Brazil.
It is not uncommon for their fandoms to cross-over.
The vast majority of their fans would marry either of them at the drop of a hat.

And my addition to the list:
And both have female fans as young as 6 yrs old swooning over them.
Richard Armitage video courtesy of  Faboamanto