Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recap on Richard

This is a piece I posted last year :
reposting in prep for  FANSTRAVGANZA !!!
I had never heard of this dangerously handsome man, Richard Armitage, before last summer with the help of the Starz miniseries Pillars of the Earth. I saw the ads for the show online but my husband and I decided a month earlier to cancel cable and get one of those boxes to help lower bills, so We had no access to the show and I REALLY wanted to see it. We decide, after a netflix ad popped up in front of my e-mail one night, that we would check it out. Ten bucks a month was way better than fifty so we signed up and I started exploring . I came across a Robin Hood that I had never seen before so I watched it.

I saw Richard, all decked out in black leather(adore a man in leather) with his blues eyes sparkling at me, (or were my own eyes filled with stars? couldn't tell the differance.) I was hooked instantly. As I watched more and more episodes the personality, and emotional struggles of Guy were getting closer and closer to those of a charactor I created in 1999 for my first novel and to help me focus while I wrote I sketched a picture of him. The more I watched the more I knew that this man was the perfect match for my story. Then season three came on, withhis whole new look, I about fell off the couch. The image on my computer screen was the very image I had created in my head. I ran to the office closet, dug out the sketch and ran back down to my computer. As bad of a sketch artist as I am anyone could see that the paper I held in my hand could have been drawn from the image on the screen. Same face, same hair, simular armor, I was floored. Did I maybe see him somewhere before? Not likely, 1999 was along time ago.
I got all my BBC fixes from PBS until Netflix - I had seen and loved the Vicar immensely but we didn't get many episodes and certainly not the ones with Harry,I discovered that a few days later. - We had Spooks/MI-5 once a week but they were still showing Tom and Adam and not, I found later, in chronological order. I discovered, (thanks imdb.com) I had watched many of the shows he had been involved in but our PBS broadcasts were sporatic. I managed to miss all of his. But still, My image was created in my imagination 11 years earlier. Fate? Psyhic connection? Coinidence? who knows why I saw Sir Guy in my head a decade before another writer and Richard brought him to life, but I'm glad it happened

Sunday, February 19, 2012

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