Monday, June 13, 2011


Contessa Ippolita: AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: "I decided to open my cabinet of curiosities and give you some tips and information in case you ever want to visit Florence, my beautiful ci..."

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Artist Extraordinaire or this guy is just plain cool

He’s handsome, intelligent, funny and extremely talented. Richard Yearwood has gone from playing the lovable security blanket toting Linus to the sincerely wacky , lovable and somewhat bizarre NISA Agent Benjamin N’udu on Canada’s CBC Series Insecurity. Richard has been acting since childhood starting in 1979 with his stint as Linus in a school play and has since added to his list of talents the titles of Director and Producer. On top of all that he is an author as well. He has written two books; one called, 52 Weeks: The complete relationship Handbook for Men/Women, and the other is a children’s book titled Pasta Again. Although my all-time favorite Richard persona will always be his role as Nestov on the TV series Tracker, where he shared the spotlight with another heartthrob, Adrian Paul of Highlander Fame. Find out more about this extraordinarily cool guy and catch him in a few video clip or two by visiting his website at   He also can be found on Twitter ( He just gets me all Twitter-pated).

just plain cute

this is my grand duaghter Madyson Raine Lawrence in her first music video