Sunday, January 30, 2011

my cool friend

This is Matt, he lives in Indiana. He's an excellent actor and has been in many movies and commercials, such as Dark Knight and recently Secrateriat- (he's the guy holding the Go Big Red sign). He's really great with a sword too as well as a camera.
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Up on the big screen, teenagers will hide from a murderous stalker around downtown Franklin.
Two men will stage a frantic race through the alleys and side streets of Indianapolis. A captured reporter will face interrogation and torture inside a Southport warehouse.
Central Indiana will be the star of the show this weekend during an independent film festival held at the Artcraft Theatre. Called Shorts in January, the movies were made by local directors, star area actors and were shot throughout the region.
The point of the event is to prove that, even if they don’t come from a big-budget Hollywood studio, native-born movies can be just as entertaining, suspenseful and stirring.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The following article about a cold case finally solved came from the Newsun in Waukegan, Ill. The kicker is that the address where the crime had been commited is now my oldest daughter's address.  To add more irony my son-in-law has a motorcycle parked in the garage. They will never view thier garage the same way again. The entire family is shocked to say the least.
No one ever said anything about something like this having happened when she and her husband bought the house. (I feel a novel coming on)

"ROUND LAKE BEACH — A reevaluation of a 28-year-old murder case has led to the arrest of a man on murder charges for the 1982 shooting of Carlton Richmond, who at the time of his death was a 31-year-old married father of two young children.
On Tuesday, Round Lake Beach Police, in conjunction with the Roane County, Tenn. Sheriff’s Department, arrested Robert “Bobby” Bostic, 70, for the alleged fatal shooting of Richmond in June 1982. The arrest took place without incident and Bostic has waived extradition proceedings, Round Lake Beach Police Deputy Chief Rich Chiarello said Wednesday.
“He should be appearing in Lake County bond court before the end of the week,” Chiarello said.
Chiarello said he had no information on whether Bostic may have confessed to the shooting, but he said the case was resolved as the result of repeated reopening of the cold case for reevaluation of the investigation and police work done in the wake of the shooting, as opposed to a specific break in the case.
Information gleaned in the most recent reevaluation of the cold case was presented to the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, which approved moving forward with murder charges against Bostic. The State’s Attorney’s Office was also involved in the investigation.
On Tuesday, Lake County Circuit Court Judge Raymond Collins issued an arrest warrant for Bostic for one count of first-degree murder, with bond set at $2.5 million. Officials said arrangements are being made for his transportation back to Lake County.
On June 25, 1982, Round Lake Beach police were called to the garage of 811 Oakwood Drive in response to a shooting. Richmond was transported to then Condell Memorial Hospital in Libertyville, where he was pronounced dead.
Officials said a lengthy investigation revealed Bostic, who was 42 at the time, and Richmond were members of a motorcycle club that used the location as a “clubhouse,” and that the two allegedly had a discussion that resulted in Bostic shooting Richmond with a handgun. Several people were present when the incident occurred, but until now no charges had been brought forward.
Since the murder, Round Lake Beach investigators and the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office periodically evaluated the cold case for additional information “and/or cooperative witnesses,” and Chiarello said retired detectives from the police department also participated in the evaluations. He said Round Lake Beach Police detective Gary Lunn led the reevaluation that resulted in the charges against Bostic.
Richmond’s family, including his widow who no longer lives in Lake County, and his grown children, have been notified of the arrest and welcomed the news, Chiarello said. When he was killed, Richmond’s two children were seven and four years old.
“When you can bring information to a family’s loss, it’s a positive,” Chiarello said. “They are appreciative that we never forgot and that we followed through with the investigation to give them more closure.”
Chiarello said the arrest helps point out the importance of persistence in dealing with cold cases.
“The village and the police department had a long history of good, solid police work, whether 28 years ago or today,” he said. “I don’t think you should ever stop looking.”"


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Gracia mi Amici--- Abbia divertimento cercarlo.

Viva Italia!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

bad days- good days

Ever have one of those days when everything and everyone just aggrivated you? A day when nothing went as planned and you just could not get passed that "get out of my sight, I don't want to see, talk to or even look at anyone?" I've had a day like that today. I couldn't stay awake, every time I sat down for even 30 seconds I would start to drift off. My bad knee hurt so much and I could barely walk, kids drove me nuts (though not as much as thier mother).   I felt like a decrepit old horse who was being led out behind the barn to be shot. By 10 a.m. all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and stay there forever. But of course that was not a possiblity, I had to cook, clean, take care of children because life must go on and obviously people in my house think I'm the only one who doesn't have one so it is assumed I'm available 24/7 as maid / nanny service. Once I finally got to the computer, after they all went to sleep, I couldn't focus on my book, I've gotten so far behind schedule with it, I didn't even have the motivation to read it over let alone write anything. So after I attempted and failed miserably to get the license number of the truck that ran me over today, I took 800mg of Ibuprofin and I'm headed for the tub and to bed.   Calgon take me away!!!! What gets you through those days?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is what occupies my time when I'm not writing

Kyli. You would never guess that sweet little face with the big blue eyes was a tornado on speed.
Kayla plans to be a future star?  the National Inquirer would love her.

the real drama queen, her Royal Highness Crabby Patty (Madyson)

Santa, I swear spiderman did it! --Matthew
any wonder why I'm always so tired?  Balto the fur ball requires vacuming my entire house 3 times a day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

new year- new plan


The ever popular New Year's Resolution, everyone has different views, make one - don't make one. What difference does it make? The year and your life are going to play out according the universal plan regardless of how your answer to the "I swear that this year I will..." phrase ends.  But it doesn't hurt to try.
Everyone has goals. Life is depandant on them. Everything you do in your every day life is part of a goal.  Whether it is short term or long term every move your make is toward a goal. You wake up in the morning and your first goal is to get up, life then goes on. Each subsequent goal brings you to the next, if you lived only day by day the ultimate goal is to make to the end of the day and back into dreamland. But noone can really live day by day because there is always a higher level goal to reach for.
There will always be a bigger goal that rules the smaller ones, most of which are not a choice as life does not go on without them, paying bills, caring for family, going to that neccessary job, shopping, cleaning, meeting a deadline, which in my case involves a goal of writing another twelve pages or editing fifty each day. However this goal, during the past month, has gone completely out the window.
Now come the ones that are bigger or longer term than those of everyday existance, the life goals.  We must work but at what?  We all must eat, but what? We all need exercise but what kind or how much? Most people make thier resolutions around this level and if you don't stick to the search for the better job or the healthier eating habits your path does not change and again life goes on. These things are choices, right? We all have dreams, thing we want to do or have before the Time Lords decide it's time to ride with them.
Fate has an uncany way of guiding you to the path choices open to you. Life's highway usually gives you three options, easy, average and exceptional. You pick the direction and off you go. Sometimes you slip or have to change paths and it takes a little more effort to get back on track, not easy but not impossible unless you say srcew it and turn down the easy road. But some people have a fourth option, the impossible, these are the go getters, the stars of the era.
 These are the people everyone else wants to be like.  But to be like these people one must work harder, longer and pay higher life dues to reach the brass ring. Someone who is prone to giving up will never catch that train. Those who give it just a little more effort may at least catch the caboose and be stuck there in the cheap seats. That's fine for you because at least you caught the train. You want to make to the first class section and you keep working but take numerous coffee breaks and miss a few chances but you're satisfied, you're better off than some. But not me. I want that roomier seat at the front of the plane. I say plane and not train because trains don't fly and I want to fly. Fate gave me not a choice of three options but a collage that I had to explore and work through before the right choice showed its face nearly 50 years later.
So my resolution is simply live to stay healthy because I have a long hard fight ahead and nothing, not poverty, illness or a downfall is going to stop me and if the Time Lords show up before I'm done I'll fight them too, I will not give in easily. I've traveled dozens of those paths until I found the one I truly belong on. I've done what society expected of me at the time pushing my dreams further down in the box until they were buried. I've struggled through hell and back in my lifetime and the end of the road is coming up faster with every passing year. My box is ready to explode and pour out everywhere. My goals are, at last, well defined, each and every step, and I am determined not to waste a minute.
SO what's your resolution? To lose weight, decorate that spare room, read those books you've been meaning to read for the past ten years?
Don't just lose weight but make your whole family healthy, decorate your house then advertise that you're open for business, read those books then help others to read or write one. Don't settle for average, your soul gets stale and predictable.
Whatever the subject is reach first for life and don't let go; dream big and fight for it. Don't step on people on the way up but don't let them hold you back either. Ponder your soul and your heart before you spout off that New Year's Resolution on January 1, 2011. Don't let be something too simple or frivalous. Make it something to live for.