Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's almost time!

Are you ready for some serious eye candy?

Looking for some interesting takes on history?

Just want to have fun?

Then grab an iced drink, a fan and a hanky and sit down and have a ball --- starting       March 12, 2012!!!!!!!
 It's the biggest blogger party of the year!!!

A full week of the

Heavenly Handsome    

Richard Armitage!

visit any of these blogs for details:
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An Obsessed Fanatic
Avalon’s Realm
C.S. Winchester
Cerridwen Speaks
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life
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Funky Blue Delphinium
I Want to be a Pinup!
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La Loba
Me, My Thoughts & Richard Armitage
Melanie’s Musings
Mr John Thornton
Musings & Other Enigmas
Phylly’s Faves
Searching for MY Mr. Darcy
Something About Love (A)
y que iba yo a contar
White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts
Jonia’s Cut
DistRActed Musings of One ReAlity
 An RA Viewer’s Perspective from 33° 0′ South of the Equator;
bccmee’s Richard Armitage Fan Vids & Graphics;
 CDoart: Richard Armitage & History & Spooks;
Confessions of a Watcher;
DistRActed Musings of One ReAlity;
me + richard armitage;
Richard Armitage Fan Blog;
The Squeee.

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