Thursday, January 10, 2013

Richard and Tom

Two of the Most Yummalious Gentlemen on the Planet

A few interesting facts brought up by a fellow blogger on Tumblr. fauxfrigga:

1.     Interesting Parallels (and differences) between Richard Armitage and Tom Hiddleston (I mention the names in alphabetical order, so nobody takes offence).

RA: 41yrs. of age (will be 42 in 2013)
TH: 31 yrs. of age (will be 32 in 2013)
Richard hit the international stage playing THorin in The Hobbit, which is a “prequel” to the LOrd of the Rings (close enough).
Tom hit the international stage playing LOki in THor.
RA’s best-known character, Thorin, is a flawed hero, conflicted and deep.
TH’s best-known character, Loki, is a flawed villain, conflicted and deep.
They are both very tall, difference in height is less than 2 cm (RA is a little bit taller).
They both have exceptionally and indecently long legs.
They both have beautiful, long-fingered hands.
They both have a quirky and elegant sense of dress.
The films that made them household names internationally were both released 2012.
They both have eargasm-inducing voices and have done a lot of voice-work.
They both have eyes of such colour and brilliance….it defies description.
Interviewers and colleagues describe both as gentlemen.
Their fandoms don’t seem to fit a particular demographic. As far as I can tell, the ages range from 8 to 88. A vast majority female!
They have been made into action figures (or rather their characters). Richard more than once.
During interviews, they give eloquent and intelligent answers and treat their interviewer with utmost respect.
They are well read.
They flirt with female interviewers, Tom more directly than Richard (at least, that is my personal impression).
They sing beautifully. There is ample proof of RA’s ability on The Hobbit, the only time I’ve heard Tom singing has been on interviews. Tom can rap, don’t know if Richard can. :-)
The have ridiculously long eyelashes.
They both have kept props from the films that kicked off their international career.
They both have AN ARMY!!
They have both played soldiers in several films (as far as I know, always a doomed character).
They are proficient in stage sword fighting.
When explaining the characters they play, one can tell how much they invest emotionally.
They have both played a prince and/or a king. (or a lord)
They have both played characters which were jaw-droppingly clad in leather. :-)
They have both played in the BBC Series “Casualty” Richard in the episode “Playing with Fire” and Tom in the episode “The Killing Floor”.
Both can dance, or have specific dance skills. Richard does the Tango and Tom dances Flamenco. Tom has also trained in capoeira, a wonderful martial-arts/dance from Brazil.
It is not uncommon for their fandoms to cross-over.
The vast majority of their fans would marry either of them at the drop of a hat.

And my addition to the list:
And both have female fans as young as 6 yrs old swooning over them.
Richard Armitage video courtesy of  Faboamanto

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  1. oh, Hiddle me this, Hiddle me that.... Hiddlestud is such a delightful gent!