Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Uhtred returns!!!!!!

Bernard Cornwell's newest addition to the Saxon Stories:
          Death of Kings
                           coming October 2011
Lord Uhtred returns  a little older, a little richer but with as much of a commanding presence as ever. 
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excerpt from Death of Kings
{ Weohstan grinned. ‘What I’m supposed to do,’ he said, ‘is arrest you for manslaughter.’

‘I didn’t do anything,’ I said.
He looked at Serpent-Breath’s reddened blade. ‘I can see that, Lord,’ he said.
I stooped to Halfdan’s body and slit his tunic open to find a mail coat, but also, as I expected, a pouch at his waist. It was the pouch that had stopped my first knife thrust and it was crammed with coins, many of them gold.
‘What do we do with the slaves?’ Weohstan wondered aloud.
‘They’re mine,’ I said, ‘I just bought them.’ I handed him the pouch after taking a few coins for myself. ‘That should buy oak trunks for a palisade?’
He counted the coins and looked delighted. ‘You’re an answer to prayer, Lord,’ he said. }

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