Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spooks 10

I managed to get Spooks/MI-5 to play live on my computer, an accomplishment in itself. But as it took a few tries to make it work right I missed maybe the first 3-4 min. I started watching with a bit of skepticism about the lack of Lucas but was quickly turned around. Seeing Harry's face made it seem more like home again. That is until I got a good look at Dimitri, who seems to have acquired a tad bit of Lucas-ness this season. Without sacrificing any of the former Dimitri persona, his longer hair and slight change in clothing style, he appears as if just a tiny bit of Lucas had rubbed off on him. He's still Dimitri but a little more. He looked absolutely dashing in the tux he wore in this week's episode.
Ruth seems to be the link to the past personality wise. Her usual calm, steady, straight forward, at least on the outside, self continues to complete Harry and hold things in line with the protocol of the past yet handle the surprises that pop up.
Erin Watts, the new-by, has a twist of her own, she seems to be have the same get it done and just live with it personality as Ros did (don't let them know it bugs you,). However the fact that she has a child will,(remind you of another pair of agents?) I think, will make her show a little more vulnerably later on.(she's already shown a little)

Tariq is looking good as well. He seems to have a bit more of a commanding presence in his mannerisms this season. The new guy, Calum, seems a little cynical with a bit of an attitude problem but who knows it may change soon. (next epi he gets mugged)
Harry- now Harry is in it deep this season. Appearantly his past has not only come back to haunt him it's pulled him into the closet with the skeletons and, like Lucas, has a very personal tie with Russia.  Russia and U.K. in bed together is the overall theme of the season(US does not seem pleased) and is appearantly more than just a metafore in Harry's case.
Holy Smokes Harry!!!!
Waiting with great anticipation for next weeks episode!!!

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