Monday, August 1, 2011


stonehenge: got this from Clive
 Today is August 1st and along with everything else that was happening in my hot and crazy world it is the day celebrate Lammas/Lughnasadh.          Lammas is the time to honor the spirit of the harvest,(unless you live below the equator, in which case yourharvest was in Feb.) summer is almost over and we can begin to reap what we have sown, however theoretical your harvst maybe.   
It is also the time to honor the god Lugh/Lleu,  the multi-skilled Celtic god who was endeared by all warriors because of his great skill at swordmaking as well as his ability to weild one. 

Lughnasadh represented the last period of rest before the major work of the agricultural year began. It was a time for trade between tribes, for sport and friendly competition, and for reciting songs of praise for the heroic deeds of the heroes and the fallen warriors of the tribes.
The warriors played a big part within the growing season as they were responsible for protecting the villages and the farms. So along with the celebration of sustainable crops the protectors were also honored.
The season from late summer to mid-fall is a season of heightened energy for those who identify with the warrior soul. On this day those with a warrior spirit or soul renew within themselves the code by which we live, yes I believe I have a warrior spirit.  A warrior soul rekindles his/her understanding of the forces of creations, reminding themselves that creation and destruction must remain in balance not only around them but within them. A warrior's strength is that he/she becomes aware of and appreciates the state/condition of his own heart and realizes his limits and goals. Most importantly a warrior sums up his/her past and learns from it without regret. Male and female alike can carry a warrior's soul. For some the spirit is clearly obvious,( a couple  handsome actors come immediately to mind,we know who I mean ladies) because they have the calling to warrior type professions police, firemen, soldiers, ect. But this type of person,someone who doesn't give up just because a task or goal became difficult or even seemingly impossible, someone  who takes a warrior's approache to life, a survivor, is someone who embodies the strength of personal empowerment no matter how much opposition they come up against, this is a warrior's soul. Take a few minutes and look inside, you might be surprised what you will find.

Prayer for the Warrior Soul
The warrior soul, fighting in spirit,
follows a code of honor and wisdom.
Strength is found not in the arms,
not in the knife, the gun or the sword but in the mind and soul.
 I call upon the warriors of the past,
those who would stand up and fight,
those who would do what is needed,
those who would make sacrifices on behalf of others
those who would die that others may live.
I call upon them this night,
to give me strength of heart, soul and spirit.

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