Saturday, April 2, 2011

dream cast

Ah spring! Sunshine, warm breezes, and that god awful green pine pollen flying around. So due the lack of concentration today courtesy of Benedryl My plans to write about Richard I are on hold. So I'll do some Ann Rice style dreaming instead.
If my book  Beyond the Legend(available soon on Kindle) were to hit the film scene and the casting were totally up to me who would I pick for the main charactors? Hmmm let me see now.
(some are small parts but carried over into next book as main) feel free to make suggestions.

Mordred : Richard Armitage without a second thought .

Marianna:  not quite sure- any ideas? she's 30ish- red hair, green eyes, kind, loving, druid priestess,very small compared to Mordred, as Irish as one can get including her tenacity.

Father Corran:  Mark Addy, he's so perfect for this

Morgan le Faye: According to my family this part could be no one but myself- suppossedly I am her reincarnation or so I've been told, especially when I'm tired.

King Lot: toss up between  Rufus Sewell and Kenneth Branagh( leaning more towards Kenneth)

Lancelot: James Purfoy, hands down

King Arthur: Adrian Paul- he and Richard could pass as relatives

Bedivire: Patrick Stewart

Lucas: Jeromy Irons

Sir John: Ben Barnes

Sir Thomas: Jonas Armstrong

Sir Eric: John's younger cousin:???????

Sir Francis:??????? my  granddaughter says Zac Efron but she's only 7

time for a nap, ya'll.
see ya later

OMG! Almost forgot MERLIN!- no one can do Merlin like Sam Neill


  1. Okay I've Decided on my Sir Francis-- Jamie Campbell Bower without a doubt.
    Maybe Zac could be Sir Eric?

  2. Nicole Kidman would be a decent Marianna, and I think she played an Irish Woman in "Far and Away"

  3. Nice thought maybe, but was thinking shorter

  4. on second thought maybe I'll switch Ben and Jonas around- I like that better- it's only a dream right?

  5. The director of course could no one but the wonderful Kenneth Branagh: