Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Help save our jobs!!!!

The NC Film Incentives SUNSET petition is designed to focus our message directly toward the threats facing our current Film Incentive Program today. When we started, we simply wanted to tell people how our current Film Incentive Program was working to bring jobs and revenue to North Carolina. It was one of the most successful petitions of its kind and people across America are listening!
But some lawmakers don't understand our industry. They say the jobs created by the movie industry aren't real. That you don't contribute to North Carolina's economy. Even worse, they had been working quietly for some time to come up with HB 994, a nasty bit of proposed legislation that sent a chilling message to the filmed-entertainment industry. It said, "We don't understand your business and we'd like you to leave."

HB 994 would have killed our fledgling industry by making our Film Incentive credits non-refundable. But you came out and told your Representatives what you thought. You wrote letters, sent thousands to our petition and you staged rallies! You told lawmakers that WE DO MATTER! That OUR CLEAN, JOB-CREATING INDUSTRY IS REAL AND THAT WE'RE DRIVING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO AN ECONOMY THAT DESPERATELY NEEDS IT!


Although we helped to send HB 994 to die, the industry still has good reason to wonder where North Carolina stands on our Film Incentive Program. With a SCHEDULED SUNSET OF JANUARY 1, 2015, and talk of "reforms" and "incentive cuts" coming from Raleigh, it's no wonder everyone (including producers, who are actively looking for STABLE places to bring their projects) is eying our State nervously. NOW is the moment to reassure producers, studios and networks that North Carolina is in the filmed-entertainment business for the long-haul!

Our message is simple and we need YOUR VOICE to Make the North Carolina Film Incentive Program PERMANENT!!! Our goals?

- Build on the 14,000 jobs that were created in 2012
- Drive another half-a-billion dollars into the North Carolina economy
- Build further upon a stable base of incoming productions that will attract permanent businesses like studios, post-production houses, properties shops and the jobs they'll create to our State!



Thanks for everything you've done to help keep the film and TV business in North Carolina!


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