Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The following article about a cold case finally solved came from the Newsun in Waukegan, Ill. The kicker is that the address where the crime had been commited is now my oldest daughter's address.  To add more irony my son-in-law has a motorcycle parked in the garage. They will never view thier garage the same way again. The entire family is shocked to say the least.
No one ever said anything about something like this having happened when she and her husband bought the house. (I feel a novel coming on)

"ROUND LAKE BEACH — A reevaluation of a 28-year-old murder case has led to the arrest of a man on murder charges for the 1982 shooting of Carlton Richmond, who at the time of his death was a 31-year-old married father of two young children.
On Tuesday, Round Lake Beach Police, in conjunction with the Roane County, Tenn. Sheriff’s Department, arrested Robert “Bobby” Bostic, 70, for the alleged fatal shooting of Richmond in June 1982. The arrest took place without incident and Bostic has waived extradition proceedings, Round Lake Beach Police Deputy Chief Rich Chiarello said Wednesday.
“He should be appearing in Lake County bond court before the end of the week,” Chiarello said.
Chiarello said he had no information on whether Bostic may have confessed to the shooting, but he said the case was resolved as the result of repeated reopening of the cold case for reevaluation of the investigation and police work done in the wake of the shooting, as opposed to a specific break in the case.
Information gleaned in the most recent reevaluation of the cold case was presented to the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, which approved moving forward with murder charges against Bostic. The State’s Attorney’s Office was also involved in the investigation.
On Tuesday, Lake County Circuit Court Judge Raymond Collins issued an arrest warrant for Bostic for one count of first-degree murder, with bond set at $2.5 million. Officials said arrangements are being made for his transportation back to Lake County.
On June 25, 1982, Round Lake Beach police were called to the garage of 811 Oakwood Drive in response to a shooting. Richmond was transported to then Condell Memorial Hospital in Libertyville, where he was pronounced dead.
Officials said a lengthy investigation revealed Bostic, who was 42 at the time, and Richmond were members of a motorcycle club that used the location as a “clubhouse,” and that the two allegedly had a discussion that resulted in Bostic shooting Richmond with a handgun. Several people were present when the incident occurred, but until now no charges had been brought forward.
Since the murder, Round Lake Beach investigators and the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office periodically evaluated the cold case for additional information “and/or cooperative witnesses,” and Chiarello said retired detectives from the police department also participated in the evaluations. He said Round Lake Beach Police detective Gary Lunn led the reevaluation that resulted in the charges against Bostic.
Richmond’s family, including his widow who no longer lives in Lake County, and his grown children, have been notified of the arrest and welcomed the news, Chiarello said. When he was killed, Richmond’s two children were seven and four years old.
“When you can bring information to a family’s loss, it’s a positive,” Chiarello said. “They are appreciative that we never forgot and that we followed through with the investigation to give them more closure.”
Chiarello said the arrest helps point out the importance of persistence in dealing with cold cases.
“The village and the police department had a long history of good, solid police work, whether 28 years ago or today,” he said. “I don’t think you should ever stop looking.”"